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Can An HDMI Cable Fail?

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Отправлено 19 июля 2018 - 17:00


I have a VIZIO TV and an HDMI capable cheap-o Phillips DVD player connected to it with a 2' generic HDMI cable. About a week or two ago, the DVD player started acting up. Video and audio would fail in the middle of playback, then only the video, or only the audio, would return...stuff like that. I tried switching the DVD player to a different HDMI port on the TV but nada. We'd had the DVD player for a while...plus I believe it fell on the floor once...so I thought a replacement was in order. Fast forward to today, when I bring home a new DVD player and connect it to the TV, using the same HDMI cable. Turn the DVD player on, then the TV, and start to walk through the DVD player quick setup. Right away...during setup...the picture blinks out several times. It stops soon after, so I complete setup and throw in a DVD. It starts to play, then fails.Long story short, after connecting the new DVD player using component cables, then the old DVD player using the same, it looks like the issue is with the HDMI connection.So the question is, can an HDMI cable 'go bad?' Or did VIZIO update the TV with firmware (TV is internet ready) that prevented usage of anything but VIZIO-branded HDMI cables?*

Please help.

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